Legal Info

Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

I will give you the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form for you to complete, this needs to be completed and lodged with me at least one month and one day prior to the ceremony.

When the NOIM is completed and signed by myself, I would require a deposit as this then forms a commitment from me that I will not book any other wedding on that day that may coincide with your special day. So it is best to do this as soon as possible.

NOIM Application


Two witnesses over the age of 18 must be present at the marriage ceremony.


If the bride or groom is unable to speak English, an accepted interpreter must be provided. The interpreter is required to sign a statutory declaration and certify his/her faithful performance in the role.

Documents required by the bride and groom

I will need to sight your birth certificates

For persons born in Australia:

an ORIGINAL/extract birth certificate.

For persons born in another country

an ORIGINAL birth certificate of that country,
an ORIGINAL current passport of another country showing date and place of birth.

For persons previously married:

an ORIGINAL decree absolute or divorce certificate,
an ORIGINAL death certificate of a deceased spouse.

Photocopies of documents cannot be accepted.

The marriageable age is 18 unless parental and court consent is obtained.